Focusing on Couples Experiences 

Planning the most memorable couples moments 

Full Package Elopement 


Takes LITERALLY all the stress and time out of the way so you can enjoy these memory with your new spouse. 

We don't think eloping couples should miss out on some of the best parts of a traditional wedding day just because its just the two of you. 

We are here for you, its your love story.


2 hours of Photography coverage. 

Ceremony, couples portraits, and happy hour coverage. 

Edited Digital Gallery.

1 pre-wedding consultation.

(We have a partnership with 7 Colorado photographers at this point hoping to grow to find more that love simple smaller scale love stories just like us!)


We promise part of the cost is to help us get all the permits and venue payments taken care of so you don't have too. This includes ceremony sites photography locations, catered meal picnic set ups, entry fees, and with some included night of wedding lodging. 


Your planner will schedule the day seamlessly for you. You get to sit back and enjoy that new Mrs / Mr love bird buzz all day without a single worry. Your planner will book the hair and makeup team for you, set the venue plans, book the catering, bring the cake, and set you a special "happy hour" table set after the photography so you can enjoy your first drink, snack or meal and have some desert before letting go of this special moment between you.  The planner will also book your reservation if your booking an experience elopement. Along with recommendations for lodging and travel based on the adventure / experience you book. 

Hair and Makeup 

Beautiful bride / brides - you get included hair and makeup from a top of the industry rated Colorado Mobile Beauty Team on wedding day where your staying to start your special day. We want you to feel absolutely glowing like we know your soul is. 


You can have an ordained officiant help you through the ceremony. 

Customize based on your religion spiritual view. 

1 pre-ceremony couples vow writing consultation. 

Signed Marriage License.

(This is one thing in the package that can be taken out if you have someone special in mind or you want to marry yourselves and have planner help get you started with your ceremony) 


Bridal Bouquet 

You can choice from live fresh flowers or a handcrafted customized wooden bouquet to keep for your memories. 

Groom Boutonniere 

Fresh or wooden. 

(You get to choice you seasonal flowers in any color scheme you want)


You can choice from: 

8 in round cake 


12 cupcakes 


12 Doughnuts

(Let's be real here you can have any dessert you like :) pie, cookies.. we got you)

That leaves couple with only....

THE BASICS! The things that can travel with you if your not from Colorado if you're planning this as a destination ELOPEMENT and the things you probably all ready HAVE.... rings! Everything listed below your planner can add on to help you with to make your elopement TRULY all inclusive. 

Lodging / Hotel 

(Planner can help with this)

*SOME EXPERIENCES Lodging night of wedding is included*


We can give you recommendation for some Colorado local shops for suits or dresses. If your an online shopper we can give you recommendation for dresses. 


Silicone, Diamond, Grass, Gold, Silver, sometimes even none we love whatever you have


Marriage License

(Planner can help guide you with this to make it a easy process)


(Planner can help with this)